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New! March 2018: Add Question Images.

VoxVote, allow image upload per question. (Educational Licence or Paid version only) March 2018, VoxVote 1.9 is out.
You can now upload images to your question. Align the question left or right of the chart. Also decide if you want to send the image to the audience voting devices.
Available for paying users and granted educational users.

earlier new in VoxVote 1.8 Side menu on chart screen

VoxVote, openened side menu, with multiple chart screen options and keyboard options Autumn 2017, VoxVote 1.8 is out. New side menu for live screen adaption, hide header and more to come.
On the chart screen, you can hide the number of votes, use keyboardletter to set page Fullscreen (F), and Start (S) a question and (R)efresh the results.
Available for all free and paying users.

earlier new in VoxVote 1.7 Open-Ended Questions with live Wordcloud

Example of open question, with wordcloud and frequency reporting Spring 2017, 1.7 is out. With open-ended / open answer free text option.
Above example shows reporting both in a wordcloud (or textcloud), and a frequency. As you see, common words like a, the, der, dem, is, are were stripped.
Available for all free and paying users.

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